Stand-Up Toothbrush: What Took So Long to Invent This?

Take one look at this brilliant design concept for a toothbrush, and you can see how it's a big improvement over current designs. Set it down, and its head pops upright, thanks to a weight embedded in the bottom.

The toothbrush's bulbous base fits neatly in the hand, too. It's such a good idea, it won aRed Dot Concept Award


While we're often wondering whether it's bad to have the bristles of a toothbrush sitting on the sink, gathering up billions of bacteria, we're not so sure there would be much of an improvement if the brush was not touching anything at all. But it seems like it would be more hygienic, doesn't it?

In fact, if we could somehow become intimately aware of all of the bacteria swarming all over us right now, we would probably wretch. But until we get a practical microscope with which we can instantly nano-examine all of our personal effects at will, this is a good way to ease our fears of creepy crawlies. And hey, it saves counter space. We like the black one with the red trim.

Via Yanko Design

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