Starbucks Is Going to Make Your Wallet Lighter

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Soon, your morning jolt might have less to do with the caffeine in your coffee and more to do with the price tag.

The world's biggest coffee chain is raising its prices. Starbucks says the price hike is due to rising prices of coffee beans.

Starbucks has gone outside of its traditional model to try generating revenue. They have even gone so far as to serving beer at some locations and even taking the Starbucks logo of others. Most recently the company rolled out free Wi-Fi to lure more customers in.

No word yet on which drinks will be priced higher but the chain says they'll focus on big and labor-intensive drinks.

So frappuccino lovers, beware!

The company may also raise the price of packaged coffee. There are more than 80 Starbucks locations in San Francisco alone.

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