State Investigation into Sysco

Before charging Sysco foods with an historic $19.4 million fine, the California Department of Public Health investigated the distributor's use of dirty, unrefrigerated storage sheds for food. These are photos from their investigation.

8 photos
Signage posted on the wall of this Concord storage shed outline the rules for the many Sysco drivers that use this location
A driver is observed transporting goods into this storage shed in Ukiah
The sign in this San Mateo storage unit indicates that many Sysco drivers used this location
A storage shed in San Francisco. Debris next to a broken pallet
Getty Images
Debris from Sysco packages litter the floor in this storage shed in Lakeport
The walls are dirty and rusted in this storage shed in San Jose
A blacklight illuminates stains and rodent droppings on the floor of a storage shed in Marin.
Getty Images/Michael Gottschalk
One of the few storage sheds with a refrigerator. Found in Monterey.
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