Street Fashion: The New Rocker Look

This woman is the epitome of rocker chic.

This woman embodies a very solid and well-balanced execution of what is the current hot look for San Francisco rocker girls. There is nothing overdone, and nothing underdone in her ensemble.

Her purse serves as a centerpiece, really pulling together her stark appearance while standing out as an effective contrast. The masculinity of the black jacket (2009's must-have fashion item for men and women) is balanced out with exceptionally scrumptious embellishments: softly styled hair, the soft blouse, the rings, cuff bracelet, and rosary.

Sure, it's considered by some rather blasphemous to wear a rosary as a necklace, but this is San Francisco, and isn't San Francisco already regarded by some of the conservative communities as the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah?

I actually once wore a rosary for a short time, just because I liked it's look--and also because of it's vampire rebuking properties. Should cultural/religious/political implications be considered in your outfit? Like those keffiyeh scarves that were so popular in the last few years? That's some food for thought.

JT Paradox is a photographer and writer for He can often be found with camera in hand roaming the streets of San Francisco. Fan letters and hate mail should be directed to

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