$20 Street Style Challenge

Rebecca had $20 and one hour to go shopping. This is what she bought

The Background: Rebecca Gholdston, a 30-year-old in marketing, is obsessed with vintage clothing. She gets her fashion inspiration from blogs like The Snail and The Cyclops and Liebemarlene.

The Challenge: Vintage shopping takes time and can be expensive. Could Rebecca find anything to tickle her fancy with only $20 and one hour to shop in San Francisco?

The Results: Rebecca went to Thrift Town on 17th and Mission and found a black knit belted sweater dress with gold buttons, a Peter Pan collar, and an A-line skirt for only $12.99. As if that wasn't miraculous enough, she also picked up red "Maserati" leather peep-toes with interlaced details and intact heels for $4.99.  

Total Bill: $17.98

The Conclusion: Success!

Photos by Aubrey Trinnamen.

Rebecca Gholdston lives and works in the Bay Area, and though she has a definite weakness for modern designers, seems to actually prefer clothing from other decades when given the chance. She runs an online vintage store in her spare time called Animal Head Vintage to help off-set what might be an unhealthy thrift store obsession.

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