Suzanne Somers' Mountainside Retreat Still Up For Sale

While Suzanne Somers is an actress, self-help author, business woman, and proponent of alternative medical treatments, one thing she is not is a savvy real estate maven. After four years trying to sell her less than traditional estate, the actress' home, named Domaine Montagna de Palm Springs, remains on the market, reports Curbed

The Provence-inspired design of Somers' home is anything but ordinary. In fact, the home's most discerning feature is its private funicular. Yep, the estate hosts a cable cliff railway. If you can get past that, shall we say peculiar feature, the home actually is fairly impressive, once you ignore the Zebra print rugs and other curious interior design features. 

Somers' Palm Springs crib sits on a whopping 73 acres of land with everything from a wine vault to an outdoor amphitheater to a mountainside pool and rock spa. Outdoorsy types will love the hiking trails and acre upon acre of secluded land and natural wildlife. The main veranda level boasts seven different suites and houses (one is even a Albert Frey-designed rock house) with a total of 10 bedrooms and 11 baths on the property.

The actress turned self-help author's mountainside retreat is currently listed for $17.5 million, which is certainly a large discount from its original $35 million price tag back in 2008. 

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