Target-To-Go Is a Santa Shopping Village

Target may not be in the Metreon yet but that's not stopping the discount store from doing business in the City.

The country has only three Target-to-Gos, and if you'll recall — of course you willSan Francisco has one of the wondrous outdoor pop-up Targets!

What does this rare beast look like? A Curbed reader has sent spy shots, and it looks something like a fake Santa village.

Or a quaint German Christmas market. Or maybe like the Christmas fairs you seem to remember exist, but can't actually remember ever going to.

Except instead of ordering hot chocolate or mulled wine, you order one Women's Clog Slipper, $16.99. Or "The Lost Symbol," by Dan Brown, $17.00. Up DVD's a sure winner this season, $19.99. Happy shopping holidays, everyone!

The outdoor store in Mint Plaza is a simple concept. Shoppers simply walk up to a counter and choose the gifts they want to buy, order by number and pick them up at the next counter a few minutes later, wrapped and ready to go.

Target to go will open this weekend and stay open for three days before disappearing.

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