Tea for Kids: Former P&G Exec Launches Healthier Juicebox Drink

Former executive and mother of four, Christine Wheeler, was looking to create a low-sugar alternative to sugary soft drinks and came up with Drazil, a tea aimed at kids.

"I'm a big tea drinker," she told Press:Here. "I wanted parents to choose something healthier for their children."

Wheeler created Drazil (which is "lizard" spelled backwards) and immediately started to work on the packaging. "We focused a lot on creating an amazing packaged that would really pop out on the shelves," she said. The dynamic packaging helps children spot the product.

The drink itself shows up in a juicebox and is a mixture of fruit juice and tea -- a kind of Arnold Palmer for kids. However, the sugar intake isn't quite as low as she wished because of taste tests which wanted a sweeter beverage. "A lot is based on the consumer," she said.

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