Tea Time at Crown & Crumpet

A tea-lover's paradise in Ghiradelli Square

Crown and Crumpet
Crown & Crumpet

The work-shy week between Christmas and New Years belongs to the zealous bargain hunters. They tote giant bags of marked down merchandise- some items will be tucked away until next holiday season while others are useful immediately. Those who regard 12/26-12/31 as a hiatus from the mundane hours between Monday and Thursday will appreciate Crown & Crumpet, a perky adjunct to the typical routines. While open year-round, the link-week is an ideal time for a stroll around Ghirardelli Square and a visit to Crown & Crumpet, the love child of Christopher and Amy Dean. Just know that it’ll be a very girly-girl experience. It’s not a spot for pre-football game gatherings but Alice in Wonderland will definitely feel right at home.

The sunny tea room and adjacent stylish boutique are brim full of cheerful color against a backdrop of white. Take a sip and a bite, relax, rejoice and reenergize. Perhaps a spot of jasmine tea or merry mango along with a plate of crumpets or plump scones, whose recipes have been orchestrated by acclaimed Bay Area Pastry Chef Caroline Romanski. Enjoy the delicious flavors while taking in the distinctive decor.

If a gift is on the errand list, the Crown & Crumpet boutique won’t disappoint. Choose from a variety of lovely tea kettles, useful tea trays, floral printed tea towels, charming tea spoons and delicate tea cups. Fans of well-known London designer, Cath Kidston will be impressed with the selection of her distinctive merchandise from floral print napkins to plump crest embellished pillows.

What better spot to repose than Crown & Crumpet at Ghirardelli Square

Crown & Crumpet - 207 Ghirardelli Square SF - 415.771.4252 - www.crownandcrumpet.com

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