Team CoCo Makes Good With the Bay Area

Getty Images

San Francisco was some of the biggest losers when when NBC booted Conan O'Brien to the curb.

Although his fall was cushioned quite comfortably by the 30 million layers of soft paper NBC put in the funnyman's back pocket, he was forced to cancel an appearance at the SF Sketchfest Comedy Festival. He promised then he would make up to the City by the bay.

And in April many people thought he had when he did two nights with his traveling road show in San Francisco and another set in San Jose. But apparently not. Not even a royal ripping of local tech Mecca Google was enough payback for Conando.

Team CoCo will be back in the Bay Area this Saturday really making up for the canceled appearance. O'Brien will sit down for a conversation with sidekick and longtime friend Andy Richter and fellow comedian -- of sorts -- Patton Oswalt at the Herbst Theatre.

The event is being sponsored by the SF Sketchfest Comedy Festival and is really Conan's attempt to make up with the City where he left his fart.

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