The Bay's Best Morning Runs

1. Chrissy Field

Runners describe Chrissy field in San Francisco as a gift. Even on overcast and rainy days, the views of the shoreline are breathtaking. The path is crushed sand and gravel- a departure from the typical pavement… and wide enough to avoid other sweaty joggers even on crowded days. You can also pick different distances. A run from Ghiradelli square to Fort Point under the golden gate bridge is about 7 miles… A jog from Chrissy field to fort point is just 2 miles. One early morning regular told us he doesn’t even bring music- the waves are calming and motivating enough.

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2. Los Gatos Creek Trail

The Los Gatos Creek Trail is a trail for those who want to enjoy nature or train for longer runs. The 9.7 mile haul winds along the creek from the Lexington reservoir all the way to San Jose. Regulars say pay attention! There are plenty of picture-perfect nooks and crannies and you’ll forget you’re nestled in city life. Some even come back with their camera. This is a great place to explore a new spot in the bay area because there are plenty of place and access the trail Much of the trail is paved and there are bridges to cross the creek.  The only downside is the noise from neighboring highway 17 during commute time, but there’s an easy fix for that. Get up early!

View Larger Map 3.Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland

Lake Merritt is the obvious go-to if you’re planning a run in the East Bay, but the three mile loop can get repetitive.  Some joggers are running for the hills to the Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland. Regulars tell us the views of San Francisco are to die for, but seriously it’s 200 acres of rolling greens and sweeping vistas. The run is known for its serenity and steep inclines. It’s a hidden gem with endless possibilities so you won’t get bored.

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