The Cankle Cure

Plus, a super square and serious belt to go with that hilarious made-up body problem

SQUARE BIZ: The four-sided polygon is quite underused in jewelry. Circles shouldn't get all the glory! If you're up for a statement in square form, try the Color Swatch Ring in Winter Mint. It will guarantee that your digits get noticed.

WORRIED ABOUT CANKLES?: According to the news and magazines, ankles are mysteriously the latest "problem area" on our bodies. As ludicrous as this fixation may be, and in spite of how much the word makes her giggle, this writer has no problem using the issue to promote these uber cool shoe accessories by dekkori. Try the caprice mid rise boot; it's kind of a high fashion legwarmer and an instant solution for those pesky cankles! [Daily Candy]

BOLDEST BELT: Small, dainty belts have been gracing the waists of fashionable ladies, but let us not forget the bold allure of a serious belt buckle. The Nostril Gas Mask belt buckle is as tough as it gets. Hips alone can't support cool of this magnitude, loops are quite necessary. Try it on for size -- if you think you can handle it.

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