The Carolina Liar That Cried Wolf

Carolina Liar comes back to the Bay Area to open for Rob Thomas

Life is sunny for Chad Wolf and his band Carolina Liar. The band has climbed its way to a devoted following thanks to a feature on Apple iTunes and a FOX promotion involving a Carolina Liar song and last year's Major League Baseball All-Star game.

And this weekend Carolina Liar is coming back to the Bay Area to open a show for former Matchbox 20 front man Rob Thomas. Tickets are still available from Live Nation

"It’s a really beautiful town," Wolf said when visiting San Francisco last year. "We drove in today and the sun was out for a good four to five hours. Traffic though in the city is just crazy."

Traffic might be the only thing the native South Carolinian has to complain about. They band has been getting love from everywhere.

Rolling Stone compared Carolina Liar's music to U2 and The Killers. A compliment any band that grew up listening to The Cure would appreciate. And now their sound has caught the ear of a rather unexpected fan base: teenage soap opera fans.

The band's music was featured on the shows "Gossip Girl" and MTV's "The Hills" and Carolina Liar topped that by making an appearance on the remake of "90210."

"The stories behind the songs are quite dark, with twisted subject matter about somebody nowhere near being a teenager," Wolf said in a recent interview. "The fact that it translates down to these teen shows is amazing. It's great exposure for us as well. We get young kids in the audience but lots of families too, lots of moms watch those teen shows with their husbands."

There may be more ladies in the crowd in San Jose this weekend when Carolina Liar is joined on stage by OneRepublic before giving way to Rob Thomas.

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