The Central Contradiction of Political Events on “Jobs”

Writing in the LA Times this weekend, Maeve Reston and Seema Mehta offered an observation that was a direct hit on the total hypocrisy of most political events in this election cycle:

"Whitman frequently holds events at businesses that have flourished in California but that she claims are threatened by the state's corporate tax and regulatory burdens."

This doesn't just apply to Whitman. Carly Fiorina has done the same thing: hold events that decry the suffering of businesses -- at thriving businesses. (Most recently, I watched her do this in San Diego at a furnishings store whose owner said he was doing just fine). Other politicians who have done similar things include Jerry Brown, Gov. Schwarzenegger (who is talking about the trials and tribulations of a salad store owner who is rapidly expanding throughout California) and President Obama on his trips to the state.

If politicians are going to do events about the dangers of jobs fleeing California, they might try finding a company that's actually leaving California.

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