The IPad Nano Watch

How do you know that an iPod Nano worn as a watch is cool? Because the prettiest thing in touch technology just met up with the raddest thing to happen to wrists: the slap bracelet.

Griffin, a purveyor of Apple accessories, just calls it the Slap. The idea of wearing your MP3 player as a watch is already a little tawdry, so why not take it all the way, right? The Slap bands also come in all the kinds of colors as the Nano, which makes sense.

So, is this it? It feels like we can't really take the idea of an iPod Nano watch any further. We've squeezed the very last drop of cool out of it. I mean, just look back on this first take — just a few months later it's actually kind of ugly.

With a slap bracelet for a watch strap, dear reader, I submit to you that the iPod Nano watch has peaked. We've arrived. (You can have a Slap arrive at your door, by the way, for $24.)

Griffin, via Gizmodo

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