The Mannequin Men Really Want You to Like Them

Indy rockers to play San Francisco's Three Parkside Wednesday

The self proclaimed boys of psychedelic visual grunge are coming to the Bay Area.

And the four rockers will stop at almost nothing to get you to remember their names, including by posing nude on their album cover.

"I’d be lying through my teeth if I told you I didn’t want to be famous," front man Kevin Richard recently told Prefix Magazine.

And the sound of their new album,  "Lose Your Illusion, Too," is helping their narcissistic dream come true.

"We’re starting to get more of an ability to play places like New York and L.A. and have people actually know who you are, which before was a pipe dream," Richard said. "You have to appreciate what you get."

The Mannequin Men are touring the country to promote their new album and they will play The Parkside in San Francisco Wednesday night.  

The Chicago rockers formed in 2003 and have put out three full length albums. Their shows are known for their high energy and, at times, crazy antics.

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