The Shutter: The Atrium, Deep Sushi

1) Financial District: Right on schedule, 101 California's Atrium restaurant has shuttered after 20 years. In lieu of some teary shutter signage, the good Atrium folks have left a heartfelt, if (slightly) bitter message on their voicemail, saying that their lease has expired, they had a wonderful business and are sorry to see it go. This is the second eatery in 101 Cali to close recently with rumors of lease woes. [EaterWire]

2) Noe Valley: Everyone's been wondering what's going on with Deep Sushi over on Church, and it finally looks like the situation might be coming into focus. The trendy, small sushi joint has been dark since New Year's sans a goodbye note or outgoing message, confusing many Noe Valley denizens as to whether Deep Sushi went on vacation or shuttered for good. Word on the street is that the place has indeed been sold and will return in a few weeks once the new liquor licenses and such go through. Super bonus juicy unconfirmed rumormongering: we're hearing that the new owners are involved with Ozumo. Story very much developing...

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