The Suitest Personality in SF

There's no place like home.

At the end of a long day, when you walk into your home and you're surrounded by all of your own stuff ... it just feels good, doesn't it?

There's nothing like that comfortable, cozy environment that defines YOU.

Bay Area native, Yvonne Lembi-Detert understands this well.  So well, that she created one of the most innovative hotel businesses in the industry based on the concept of individuality.

"Everyone has their own individual personality and having it reflected is so important. It gives us the ability to feel at home."

Lembi-Detert is the daughter of real estate king Frank Lembi, she has a background in interior design and a full-throttle drive to create and think outside of the box.

As the president and CEO of Personality Hotels, Lembi-Detert caters to the unique individual by offering to guests an extra wide variety of customized options at her chic boutique hotels in San Francisco.

"If you want to celebrate with friends we can accommodate you. If you're on business, if you have kids, if you're looking to rekindle love, we can accommodate you. We have something for everyone."
Lembi-Detert and her team have thought of just about every occasion or situation a person could have and they've created solutions to fit each one.

Here's how it works ... when booking, you have the option to "pick your personality" from a diverse list of items designed to tailor your trip.

For example, if you were traveling on business, you could select a Starbucks gift card and a daily newspaper.

If you're toting a fury friend, the "Dog Gone Personality" package might be for you. This deal includes in-room doggie dishes, organic treats and a donation to the SPCA.

The "Girls Gone International" or "XOXO" package might be a fit if you're setting up a weekend getaway with friends or a significant other.

If you're bringing the kids along, check out the "Stay and Play" or snag the Kids' Suite.

Lembi-Detert designed the Kids' Suite at Hotel Metropolis after a traveling experience of her own.

"I was staying at a hotel in New York when one of my daughters was a toddler, she got really sick. It was awful and there was nothing in that bland room to distract her or remind her of home. I felt so bad. I said to myself, so help me God when I get back to San Francisco I'm going to create a fun room with toys and bunk beds and all sorts of things for kids ... and I did."

Lembi-Detert visits all of her hotels regularly and takes guest feedback to a whole new level of seriousness.

She giggled when she admitted, "I could wallpaper my home and my office with comment cards. I love them. I read every single one and will respond to them personally. Guests are shocked when I call or email them, they don't seem to understand how important their thoughts and opinions are to me."

Lembi-Detert said she's heard from a lot of people who are dealing with troubled relationships due to the economy. She's in the process of designing what she called a "put the romance back into your life to get through these economic times" package.

"Relationships are actually falling apart over money. I have to offer something to these people. I want them to come here, take a breather from life, spoon each other and remember what is most important."

Personality Hotels is privately owned and operated (by one of the most personable, delightful personalities you could ever meet. Cheers to Yvonne), rates start at under $100.

All seven of the hotels are located within walking distance of Union Square and they each have their own personalities that come through in color and design.

Check out the recently opened Hotel Vertigo and Hotel Frank.

You may also want to add the website to your faves.  Events and online specials are updated frequently.

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