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It's easy to look at star athletes and chalk their extraordinary achievements up to talent, genetics, hard work and even luck. But here's the secret: What sets winners apart goes far beyond any of these things.

According to Landmark Education, experts in empowering and developing performers to excel, quantum leaps in effectiveness and success are available to anyone. Landmark has worked with more than one million people around the world over the past two decades, using specific principles and tools to help individuals realize their dreams.

Let's take a closer look at three of their fundamental principles:

Be unreasonable:  Any time we don’t act on something that’s important to us, we have a good reason. You didn’t have enough time, you weren’t sure how to proceed, someone else didn’t do their part, and so on. But what if you were more committed to having the result than settling for a good reason why you don’t have it?  Every time you’re tempted to tell someone (or yourself) why something hasn’t or can’t happen, instead look to see how you could take some action to forward things. Not being stopped by reasons—that’s what we call being “unreasonable!” 

Remember, context is everything:  How our circumstances and challenges show up for us is shaped by the context in which we view them. For one person a new job shows up as a situation in which one could easily fail, whereas for another person, the same job shows up as an exciting opportunity to develop one’s self and excel.  And the context shapes your thoughts and actions. For example, with the exact same circumstances, you could find yourself being cautious and overwhelmed in a new job setting, versus feeling free to ask questions and tackle the new project without handholding.  When you get stuck, notice your overall context for what you’re dealing with. Then step back and create a new context that gives you more freedom to act.

Leave the past in the past:  While it’s smart to be informed by successes and failures or what went right and wrong, all too often things from our past significantly limit what’s possible now or in the future.  Great athletes, for example, learn what works and what doesn’t from past performances.  But when the starting gun goes off, those runners are running this race—they’re not being impacted by the race that happened last week.  Top performers cultivate the ability to take what’s useful from past challenges and then let that go.  Put the past in the past, and move forward into an unencumbered future.

By simply practicing these three principles, you can cause breakthroughs in your effectiveness and ability to achieve what is important to you. These practices, along with others from Landmark’s programs, have a track record of significantly elevating people’s performance. People participating in just one of Landmark’s leadership programs launched more than 100,000 community-based projects worldwide.  Additionally, independent studies report that Landmark’s programs provide great value in virtually all aspects of people’s personal and professional lives.

Landmark Education is a global personal and professional growth, training and development company offering courses that are innovative and effective. To learn more or register, visit landmarkeducation.com.

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