The Warm, Cozy, Quirky Snood

Plus an orange-colored necklace and hooker's sweet treats


TANGERINE DREAM: Orange seems to be a rare color for fine jewelry, but the Manifest necklace by Corinthia Peoples will definitely have you asking why. This piece of South African orange amber and sterling silver is classic, yet bold.

THE SNOOD: Just like the spork and the Snuggie, someone conjured up an odd, cutesy name to identify this new product. Unlike the spork or Snuggie, the Hooded Scarf doesn't need a silly moniker to stay on our minds. Scrumptiously warm in linen or chocolate, let this knit accessory see you through the coldest winters.

HOOKED ON HOOKER'S: Hooker's Sweet Treats are nothing illicit, but they are quite delicious. Chocolate-covered caramels sprinkled with sea salt for that sweet and salty double-punch of flavors. [Daily Candy]


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