The DOH Strikes: 24th Street Eatery Shut Down

Noe Valley: For such a major city, San Francisco sure doesn't have a lot of health department-imposed closures. In fact, according to EveryBlock, the last year has only seen a small handful of (mostly nondescript) DOH shutterings, the memorable Luisa's takedown aside. But now comes word that a Noe Valley restaurant—Tung Sing, a downscale Chinese one, but still—has been DOH'ed. From the Noe Valley blog:

The building department detected "...seepage through basement foundation at 4011-24th St. Also at backyard. Dye tested, yellow-green, at 4015-24th St, back cottage, restaurant kitchen and bathrooms...Dye test is positive. Gave owner 1st [Notice of Violation]."

In other words? Leaking sewer pipe.

And with that, "seepage" is now on our personal list of gross words in the English language. Anyway, we would welcome a DOH that actually, you know, starts to do something about a very lenient system that has received its share of criticsm.
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