The Scratch: Tourist District to Finance Convention District

Budget reshuffling indeed. Gavin's new economic stimulus plan includes a provision to create a new Tourist Improvement District (TID) -- i.e. hotels. Under the plan, tourist hotels will be classified in one of two districts, East of Van Ness and West of Van Ness, and all will be subject to a tax increase of up to 1.5% on gross revenue, based on their exact location. All this new loot—an estimated $735,085,395 over 15 years (!)—will be funneled into the Convention and Visitor's Bureau, wherein it'll be used to market San Francisco in other U.S. cities to bolster the city's tourism industry. But a large chunk of the newfound scratch will be used in turn to fix up the sad old Moscone Center. They're the ones who are getting the most use out of the place anyway, right?
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