The Shutter: Elizabeth Falkner Closes Citizen Cupcake

It's only Tuesday, but already it's been a busy, busy week for The Shutter, your source for all restaurant and bar closings. As always, your sightings are appreciated.

Union Square: While rumors of Orson's financial well-being (or rather, not so well being) continue to swirl in the papers and elsewhere, Elizabeth Falkner has decided to shutter another one of her endeavors in Citizen Cupcake. No real reason for the closing was given by Falkner in her goodbye note, though new venues are reportedly being sought out. As for the shuttering, the third floor of the Virgin Megastore was always an odd location, and the adjacent kiosks at Orson and Citizen Cake essentially made Citizen Cupcake extraneous, especially if money is indeed tight in the Falkner empire.
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