This Mother's Day, Let Mom do the Cooking

This Mother's Day you could do the usual breakfast in bed or roses thing but your mom deserves something special. And she probably doesn't want to eat your food anyway.

This Sunday, why not let your mom do the cooking? She might enjoy it more than you think. You could spend Mother's Day in her crampy pad or you the two of you could be sipping mimosas and putting together a gourmet brunch with your mom on the banks of the Bay.

A hands-on cooking class is being offered at the Ferry Building in San Francisco where you and your mom will learn new cooking techniques, experience a hands-on cooking lesson and then sit-down to enjoy the fruit of your labor at the picturesque setting.

Upon arriving, you'll be treated to an introductory cooking lesson by a chef from Parties that Cook, the group putting on the event. The chef will feature tips such as the fastest way to dice an onion without a tear.

You'll then work in teams to cook up a recipe from the brunch menu while enjoying some beats.

Once the cooking is over, you'll get to share the brunch with your mom. The event kicks off at 10:30 this Sunday at the Ferry Building. To make a reservation or for more information call Parties That Cook at 415-441-3595.

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