Throw It in the Bag, Your New Mulholland Bag

The 300 block of downtown Sutter Street in San Francisco is known in the fashion world as the Street of Wilkes Bashford. Now that Mulholland has moved into the neighborhood, however, Mr. Bashford has a congenial new neighbor that definitely deserves to share the limelight.

My does Mulholland put the pizazz back into stylish travel! Whether the destination is big city-business or town and country, toting a quality bag makes the out-and-about experience just a little bit more pleasurable.

No one understands this concept better than the Mulholland Brothers. They are established experts at crafting exquisite carry-ons, garment bags, briefcases, duffles, and passport wallets. They even make a classy spyglass, a little charmer that is a perfect gift for the casual spectator or wanna-be secret agent. The new Sutter Street shop is Mulholland's first manufacturer owned retail location and it is convenient for bridge and tunnel shoppers as well as urbanites. Park it, BART it, walk it, bike it or bus it - however you get there, its worth it.

Scouting for the perfect carryall? Look no further. The multi selection runs the gamut from boardroom-functional to finely crafted town-totes and shapes range from traditional to contemporary.

Golf anyone? For the pro or aspiring golfer, Mulholland created the golf-girl dream bag. Its easy to shoulder around even an eighteen hole course and definitely the coolest designed golf bag on the market. The many luscious color options compete for a shopper’s fancy.

It’s a bonus if Corp. Exec. Kim Keser is minding the store when you visit. She’s happy to take you on a tour of all the collections.

Price range: $36 for small essentials and up to $16,000 for really special essentials

Mulholland - 372 Sutter St. in San Francisco.

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