Topknots: Inspired by Sumos, Sported by Models

Models have been spotted on and off the runway wearing their hair in this sky-high style, originally seen on sumo wrestlers.

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The Fashion gurus at The New York Times noticed a new trend in ponytails: models have been spotted on and off the runway wearing their hair in topknots, originally seen on sumo wrestlers.
John Hancock
The topknot similarities are obvious.
John Hancock
Tyra Banks is ready to throw down sumo-style.
John Hancock
Not only has the look been around in the sumo world for centuries, it also provides a mini face-lift if tied tight enough.
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Deliciously Happy, a Shih Tzu, models an elegant top knot accented by a pink bow.
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Valentino's models wore a coiled version of the bun during his show in January.
NBC Bay Area
Upon entering the professional world of sumo wrestling, the athletes are expected to grow their hair in order to wear the traditional chonmage, or topknot.
John Hancock
Julien d'Ys styled Yves Saint Laurent's models with a leather wrap around their topknots for the 2009 spring Ready-to-Wear show.
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On special occasions, sumos wear a special kind of bun called a oicho, where the ends of their topknots are splayed into a semicircle.
A simple top knot provides a clean canvas for jewelry presentation at an event for Shuddhi in New Delhi, India.
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It takes a lot of work to get a style this gravity-defying.
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