TrendWatch: Big Restos Can, and Will, Ignore the Economy

One of the more interesting patterns to pop up in recent weeks is the rise of ultra-expensive, once-of-a-lifetime experiences offered by the Bay's cream of the crop restaurants en route this winter. First we had the announcement of the epic $1500 20-course menu to be put on Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz at the French Laundry, Alinea and Per Se. Soon thereafter, David Kinch matched the pricetag with a $1500 wine dinner of his own.

Now, the latest splurge: Michael Mina, Cyrus and Meadowood are teaming up for $1900 experience that includes tasting menus by the three chefs, a primetime resy at each (rather crucial), and overnight stays in each area.

The promo is dubbed "Dining with the Stars," because it offers the chance to hit three of the six Michelin two-stars at once. We suppose the threesome is more of a vacation per se than the other onetime dinners, which makes the pricetag a bit more reasonable. But still, while the occasional fine diner might be tapering off, the heavyhitters are adjusting by going for the homerun with the big spenders. And it looks like there's still plenty of spenders. If interested, more info on the splurge is on the Michael Mina site.
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