Truckasauras' Lo-fi Beats and Vintage Vids

Play kicks off each morning by casting a bleary eye back on last night's defining moment and presenting it with our very own shiny nightlife award: The Owly. From an indie band cheekily covering the latest pop song during a local show to a surprise celebrity guest dancing during a DJ set to the 5-0 shutting down a notorious nightclub, we'll be shining our spotlight on the one thing that's sure to have everyone abuzz. Think we missed the night's standout moment? Make your own nominations by sending videos, pictures and dispatches from the field to

When we saw the two VCRs and a sea of vintage noisemakers on stage at last night's Truckasauras – and not a single laptop in sight – we knew we were in for something unique. On tour with Sacramento's Sister Crayon, the Seattle-based electronic quartet brought their retro A/V party to Milk Bar last night, where they kept an unusually packed Monday crowd dancing from start to finish. Yet while the band's hybrid lo-fi techno and hip hop beats were no doubt impressive, it was the live video mashups that undoubtedly stole the show. Armed with a stack of VHS cassettes and projector, visual artist and full-time band member Dan Bordon skillfully manipulated a series of clips from b-rate action movie, archived 80's WWF matches and budget educational movie clips throughout the set, much to the amusement of the impressed crowd.

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