Turk + Taylor, Clothes That *Gasp* Fit Well!

Plus feathered hair and some cocky peacock earrings

TURK + TAYLOR: Though not Turkish, they are great tailors. Any stylish San Franciscan has got to own at least one of Turk + Taylor's garments of perfect cut and proportion. The vest, shirt and trapeze dress in this shot prove once again that nothing looks better than clothes that simpy fit well.

FEATHERED HAIR: This accessory definitely brings new meaning to the phrase. Farrah Fawcett references aside (RIP), creative toppers are all over the runways and even stocked in Forever 21 accessory bins. However no $2 version will have the rich colors and curling detail of The Jade Headband by blacksatinshoes.

PEACOCKY: You will walk tall like the proud bird when you wear the Passionate Peacocks earrings by handmadewhimsy. Most peacock accessory designs focus on the eyes of the feathers, but the bird as a whole is also quite stunning. Put these vintage cabochons in your ears and let the strutting begin.

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