Twettle, the Teakettle That Tweets When It’s Tea Time

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Not content with the traditional whistling teakettle, designers Ben Perman and Murat Multu created a design concept for one that communicates with social media site Twitter. There's Wi-Fi hardware embedded underneath the teapot's pleasantly asymmetrical shape, connecting to the Internet and letting you know as soon as the water begins to boil.

This little teapot is not too short nor is it stout, but it's smart enough to compile weekly stats on how many tea parties you've had and how much water you've boiled. Not sure if this appliance could attract a lot of subscribers to its Twitter feed, though.

Isn't this a lovely design? Now all Perman and Multu need is an infusion of about $500,000 to get this $115 teakettle out of the design stage and into stores.

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