Twin Tropical Trouble In the Eastern Pacific

Two major storms are brewing in the Pacific Ocean

The Eastern Pacific Ocean just turned far more active with Tropical Storm Enrique forming on Monday and Tropical Storm Felicia forming just to his left.

Enrique had sustained winds near 60 mph while the quickly strengthening Felicia was nearing hurricane status Tuesday afternoon with sustained winds near 70 mph.

Twin tropical storms so close together make for a rare treat, a dance of two tropical systems that normally comes at the expense of one or the other. 

The presence of one storm so close to another can affect inflow and upper level wind fields, in some ways "robbing" its partner storm of a good convective environment. 

Both storms are expected to maintain tropical storm strength (and with Felicia - briefly to hurricane status) and continue moving generally west-northwest and away from Baja California.  While Enrique is expected to slowly weaken in the 3-5 day timeline, Felicia will maintain a little more strength going from hurricane back to tropical storm status into the weekend.

Felicia's track will have it approaching the Hawaiian islands by Sunday, moving on or along the same latitude.  Most of the computer models are weakening the storm by this time, but will need to be watched.

For more information:  National Hurricane Center

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