Up, Up and Away: Luxury Blimp Rides for San Francisco

She has arrived, and she ain't no Goodyear. San Francisco-based Airship Ventures has launched its first jumbo luxury Zeppelin -- big enough for a dozen passengers plus crew. For those of you tired with the same old private helicopter tours, admission starts at $495 a head for an hour-long trip; Ventures is aiming to sell 15,000 tickets a year. One of only three in the world, the blimp will give lofty aerial tours of Napa and Sonoma, the Big Sur coastline and our fine city, fog permitting. Says Ventures' president, "In a zeppelin, you're flying low and slow. You're going at a leisurely pace. You're seeing things that you wouldn't see from the road." We wonder just how low and slow -- and how loud this baby gets when it's really burning. Please alert us to any NIMBYtastic anti-blimp flyers in the near future.
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