Vegan Armies Set to Avenge Ducks’ Livers

Activist group protests fancy restaurant's use of foie gras


The army of foie gras haters have set their sights one fancy target: Healdsburg's Cyrus.

"Vegan recruiters" issued a call to action to protest the restaurant's use of duck liver. Every Saturday a group of vegans will "peacefully" line themselves outside of the restaurant hoping to convince them, and fancy foodies, from putting down their forks and backing away from the foie.

Part of the controversy surronding foie gras centers on the birds being force fed food to fatten them up before slaugherting. For its part, Cyrus gets their foie gras from Hudson Valley in New York, who say it subscribes to responsible foie gras techniques.

Regardless the vegan army meets every Saturday at 29 North St. in Healdsburg at 5:30 p.m.

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