Vote Yes on Prop 20, No on Prop 27

Stop Politicians Political Power Play

And now, an NBC Bay Area Editorial...

Two years ago, Californians voted to take redistricting away from the legislature, and give this very special power to an independent citizen commission. Now, Prop 27 threatens to overturn the will of the people.

I'm Suzanne Shaw, Editorial Director.

NBC Bay Area urges you to vote "No" on Prop 27.

It's designed by politicians so they can draw their own districts to protect their jobs. The fact is, voters already decided this issue; let the citizen commission do its job!

Another redistricting measure, Prop 20, would extend the power of citizens to draw not just our state district boundaries, but our congressional districts as well; again taking that unfair advantage away from incumbents, for the benefit of all.

We support a "Yes" vote on 20.

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