Walnut Creek Fights to Keep the Peace

East Bay town tries to expand bar hours while keeping the calm

The normally quiet East Bay town of Walnut Creek is not just for fancy shoppers anymore. It is also a popular destination for late night drinking and partying as well.

Long after Tiffany's has locked its golden doors and the Old San Francisco Creamery has served its last scoop of ice cream, Walnut Creek after dark comes to live. While the city has strict laws to keep the nightlife under control, restaurant owners want to spice the party up.

The city currently staggers when the pubs, restaurants and cafes downtown that serve alcohol close to help officers keep the city quiet. But several of the restaurants that are forced to close early say the practice is unfair and want the policy changed.

Tuesday night the City Council will meet to figure out how to keep store owners happy while keeping the shopping after party calm.

Walnut Creek officials are worried if they allow more restaurants to stay open it will lead to a more ruckus nightlife. But angry restaurant owners during a struggling economy when storefronts everywhere are vacant is not a desirable outcome for the city either.

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