Origami Sea Turtle Necklace

Plus, discounts at Adorna Bella and the debate over the Barney's Warehouse Sale

ORIGAMI ON YOUR NECK: We're all for local artists and handmade goods, so imagine our excitement when we realized that we could use Etsy.com to find Bay Area artists selling their self-created masterpieces online. One favorite find? The metallic industrial creations of Handmade by Hapa, who specializes in hand-folded metal jewelry and sculptures. Check out the Origami Sea Turtle Necklace and Pendant, shown here, $68.

SUMMER SALE: Women's clothing and accessory store Adorna Bella in North Beach is having a summer sale. Purses are 20% off and scarves are 10% off. While you're there, check out the bold, chunky jewelry created by Erin Hakansson.

LAME BARNEY'S: Does the legendary Barney's Warehouse Sale suck this year? A tipster told us to go there on one of the last days in order to cash in on the best discounts, but with reviews like this, Barney's will be lucky if we get there at all. [SF Unzipped via Glamwatch]

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