When Shopping at Whole Foods Goes Bad

A man tried to steal a bottle of wine and some take-out dinner from Whole Foods Market. What he got was a rude tackle while a blogger got a hell of a story thanks to his iPhone.

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vangie berrios
Security guards from Whole Foods hold a man down after he allegedly stole a bottle of wine and a ready made dinner.
Ana Perez
Guards sit on the man, hoping to restrain him to get handcuffs on him.
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Onlookers get in on the act and get close to the suspect as security guards try to calm him down.
NBC 5 News
The police are not there yet but the wine has made it all over the man's shirt.
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The security guards continue to get help.
Getty Images
And the San Francisco Police Department finally shows up.
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By the end of the ordeal the man was struggling to keep his head up.
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And the cuffs were finally on.
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