Yahoo, MUNI and Ok Go Pit Neighborhood vs Neighborhood

While it certainly won't help you get to work any faster, thanks to Yahoo! those notorious muni delays might get just a bit more tolerable over the next couple months. The search gurus today announced the launch of Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby, a new social game that pits MUNI stop against MUNI stop for the chance to win the "city's best block party," complete with a live performance from grammy-award winning youtube favorites Ok Go. Twenty high-traffic bus stops have been equipped with giant LCD touch screens, each featuring four mini-games reminiscent of those found in the iPhone app store. Here is where things get really interesting -- along with solo play, gamers at one bus stop can actually challenge those at another to a live minute long head-to-head showdown. The stop that earns the most solo and match-game points by January 28th will be crowned champ.

While at the time of this post SOMA has taken the leaderboard, our money is on the Marina and Mission breaking out into an epic battle for the gold and silver come January, only further dividing the long running Team Fixie vs. Team Popped Collar feud. This one could get ugly...

(Thanks to Funcheap for the tip!).

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