Yes You Can–Find the Perfect Pair

Aahhh-The perfect pair of jeans.  Many of us strive to find the best fit and when we do, it’s like finding the Fountain of Youth—we’ve accomplished the impossible.

But, many have the toughest time finding the style and size that flatters their figure.  Some jeans bunch up, some gap in the waist, and some styles just “don’t look good.”

Well, Charlie’s Jeans in Philadelphia has surefire tips for finding the right jean for you. 

Whether pear shaped or hourglass figure, you can wear any style jean if you follow Charlie’s Jeans’ fitting tips:

  • It’s all in the pockets.  Pocket placement is important to find the right fit.  They should sit on your butt, close to the back of your thigh, but not on the thigh.  Without proper pocket placement, you could buy the wrong size jean, since you won’t be able to tell if the waist is properly fitted.  

  •  Don’t waste that waist.  Your waist is the key to that perfect fit!  The waistband should close in around the waist as close to comfort as possible.  If you buy a larger waistband, your jeans will sag as you wear them, be forced to wear a belt, and your jeans will look just plain sloppy.  And remember: Some jeans, like cotton blends, will stretch, which is another reason to buy as close to comfy as possible.

  • Smooth it out.  With the current skinny and straight leg jean, it’s important to pick a pair that does not bunch around the calf or knee. 
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