You'll Be Spending the Holidays in the Airport if You Don't Pay Attention

Mineta San Jose is expecting a decrease of anywhere from 5 to 10% in holiday travel, but it will still be a busier time for airports.

The airport recommends arriving 90 minutes before your flight to allow time to maneuver around construction, and to get through security since more people are trying to pack in carry-ons, to avoid paying fees for extra luggage.

The busiest holiday travel day in San Jose is expected to be the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 30, as people return home across the country. Monday, December 1, and Wednesday, November 26, will also be busier than average.

San Francisco International expects to see about 8,000 more passengers during the holiday season. Christmas is also expected to be busy.

And if you booked one of those early morning flights, be prepared to wake up even earlier. Mornings are SJC's busiest time when many flights depart around 6:30 a.m.

Passengers on early morning flights should be at the terminal about two hours ahead of their flights to make sure they have plenty of time to get through check-in, security, and boarding during the holiday morning rush.

Families should also take advantage of the family friendly lanes that opened up today at SJC. People with formula, medicines and other necessary liquids should use these lanes.

SJC plans on stopping road construction around the airport during peak holiday travel hours. 

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