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Bay Area fashionista breaks down Haight Street fashion

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Dave Summers

The Land of Stussy San Francisco is located on our renowned Haight Street.

The Haight is the shopping area that jumps, be-bops, crawls or struts depending on the day and time.

Mornings are slow and can be lack-luster but come the teasing time of twilight and watch out. The display windows twinkle and sparkle, “the cools” begin to round the corners to see and be seen.

It’s an elite group of “the cools” that shop Stussy. These members of the New-Boomer, Echo-Boomer, Y Generation to coin a few titles, are low-key, educated or getting educated, living life by putting one foot in front of the other on their way to reaching the next level.

Their eye is on the ultimate prizes life on Earth has to offer. Members of this generation don’t see any reason to make life’s journey without wearing global fashion with urban styling identifiable from land to land.

Stussy offers up this very recognizable merchandise that spans the continents.

Since the look is so consistent, its easy to pair up current separates with previous seasons as well as future seasons.

Stussy, a well established 30-year-old company, continues to broadcast the messages of life through their design and production of casual comfortable well styled wear-now clothing.

The San Francisco Stussy Chapter store displays the attractive array of apparel like art work thus creating an inviting atmosphere.

Walking into Stussy is tantamount to arriving at a party. The ambiance is festive, lively and unruffled by small talk as the clever T’s, stylish tops, embellished jackets, mod shoes, cool jeans and artful accessories become the life of the party. They get snatched up, tried on and purchased.

The Stussy logo, easily spotted with its distinguishable signature style, connects, conveys and communicates.

Stussy is not to be missed while traveling through the years from teenage to middle age. Actually its never too early or too late to wear Stussy..... It’s a frame of mind.

Stussy is located 1409 Haight St. in San Francisco, 415-701-7474.

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