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How Hot is The Cloud? 8X8 Just Doubled

New HQ, new employees



    How Hot is The Cloud?  8X8 Just Doubled
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    It's fast. Super fast.

    In the time it took you to read this sentence, 8X8 just grew.  Again.

    The Silicon Valley telecommunications company doesn't get the ink of larger cloud companies (think Box, DropBox, etc etc), and it doesn't yet deserve it.  It hasn't pulled in as many employees, or as much cash as those guys. 


    The future, though, looks good for 8X8 - just as it looks good for the cloud computing industry in general.  While still small, 8X8 is growing extremely quickly, and just nailed down a new headquarters.  104,000 feet worth of new headquarters.  The company will remain in Silicon Valley - the HQ is in North San Jose - and it needs the space to grow.

    8X8 CEO Bryan Martin has talked many times about how fast his company is growing, and outgrowing its current digs.  The company (NASDAQ: EGHT), which produces internet telephony and video solutions for companies, has held its own against much larger competition, and has long been talked about as a takeover target.  Not content to wait for its Prince, 8X8 is moving up, and hiring.

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