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Justin Bieber to Tweet His New Fragrance

Social media king to sell via Twitter and Tumblr.



    Justin Bieber to Tweet His New Fragrance
    The sweet smell of success.

    He's the King of all social media, and if you're not aware of the selling power of Justin Bieber yet, you're about to smell the success.

    Bieber is about to launch a new fragrance.  If you're in the marketing game, whatever your age, you probably know that the last time he did that, it became the top-selling celebrity fragrance of all time.  You don't have to be my tween daughter to know that Bieber is hot.  Where he's most effective, however, may be in the social media world.

    Bieber, at last check, has close to 23 million Twitter followers, and almost double that many fans on Facebook.  That's a marketer's dream come true, and the Bieber empire is going to put all that social power to work on June 18th, with the release of his next fragrance, called "Justin Bieber's Girlfriend."

    I can see it now: Step up to someone at a party, and have them ask, "Is that Justin Bieber's Girlfriend you're wearing?"  Makes me want to hit the club just to try it.

    Anyway, Bieber's team says it will have a budget of close to $20 million to spend on marketing "Girlfriend," and plans to hit social media hard.  Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Viddy (a mobile video sharing service) will all be in play to get the word -- and the smell -- out.

    So, Beliebers, it's up to you.  Will this launch a new generation of product marketing strategies? We'll follow this one, to see if the singer's fans will use social media to pick up the scent.

    Scott can smell success.  He’s on Twitter: @scottbudman