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Hip-Hop Journalist Starts Clothing Company

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    To showcase talented people during Black History month, we met a man who knows beats and code.

    His name is Adisa Banjoko. He grew up in Silicon Valley and made a name for himself, writing for hip hop magazines. Now he's the marketing genius behind a new online company called Naked Suits by AlbertMing.

    “It’s made to be breathable …we want the people who wear Naked Suits to be comfortable,” Banjoko said.

    Banjoko makes it all sound easy but he encountered some rough times. He couldn't find a job when the economy took a downturn during the recession. His advice to young people of color is to get an education.

    Hip-Hop Journalist Helps Clothing Startup

    [BAY]Hip-Hop Journalist Helps Clothing Startup
    In the land of PC versus Mac, figuring out what will make a business stand-out is critical to its success. A former hip-hop writer is taking his experience in Silicon Valley and adding his own beat to it. NBC Bay Area's Cheryl Hurd explains.
    (Published Tuesday, March 13, 2012)

    “It would come down to the degree. We love you but you didn’t come from Stanford we love you but you didn’t come from Berkeley or Harvard I didn’t. I’m a self taught kind of guy,” Banjoko said.

    A guy who says he doesn’t dwell on the color of his skin. His focus is education. According to Banjoko, any African American looking at the tech world would have to study all day and all night.  And that he says spells success.