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The Pumpkin Patch Kid

One Kid. Three Charities. Five Thousand Pumpkins.



    The Pumpkin Patch Kid

    Wyeth Coulter is a San Francisco teenager with an orange thumb, and a huge heart. (Published Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012)

    When Wyeth Coulter was eight-years-old, he wanted to build some homes. Not with building blocks, mind you, but real homes. For real people.

    You see, age eight is when Wyeth looked around his home city of San Francisco and realized there were many people not as fortunate as him: people hungry and living on the streets.

    That's when he told his parents he'd like to build some homes for them. As you can imagine, it was explained to Wyeth that residential construction wasn't a reasonable option. Still, he didn't give up. Wyeth decided, instead, to focus on something he knew a little more about: pumpkins.

    Now, Wyeth didn't actually know anything about growing pumpkins, but he had long been a fan of Halloween and pumpkin patches with their hay rides and corn mazes. Even so, he asked his parents if he could grow some pumpkins on land the family owned in Sonoma County. They agreed.

    That first year Wyeth grew and sold $100 worth of pumpkins and gave the money to charity.

    That was eight years ago. Wyeth has since learned a lot about raising pumpkins. We could all learn about lot about life from Wyeth.

    Watch Wyeth's story, above.

    If you'd like to but some of his pumpkins you can visit Wyeth's pumpkin patch from noon to 4 p.m. on Oct. 19, 20, 21, and 27 at 150 Spruce Street in San Francisco.