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Silicon Valley Special Effects Propel "Ted" to The Top

Tippett Studio puts Vamps aside for Teddy Bear



    Silicon Valley Special Effects Propel "Ted" to The Top
    Universal Pictures
    "Ted" is tops.

    It may not remind you of "Twilight: Breaking Dawn," but "Ted" is
    raking in big bucks, long lines, and a lineage straight from Silicon

    Tippett Studio is about as independent as a hugely successful effects
    house can be: Not known to the outside world, Tippett is known for
    amazing effects spreading over a wide swath of movies - from
    "Twilight," of course, to "Enchanted,""Spore," the awesome
    "Cloverfield," and my own guilty pleasure, "Starship Troopers."

    The Berkeley company is known throughout the special effects business.
     Founded by the legendary Phil Tippett back in 1984 largely with
    stop-action animation on its mind, Tippett Studio went on to help
    give movies like "Robocop" and "Ghost" their effects, even developing
    some of the technology used in "Jurassic Park."

    Now - "Ted."  And, a cool shoutout from director Seth MacFarlane on
    Twitter, following a huge (estimated $54 million) opening weekend,
    that topped all others.  That's "Hangover" money.  All for a stuffed,
    rated "R" bear.

    And, like "The Hangover," you can expect numbers like that to warrant
    a sequel (or, see those Vampires, two).  Which means more business for
    Phil Tippett, and his big business but still indie studio.

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