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Silicon Valley to Turn Into Diamond Valley

Element 6 moves in to manufacture in the Bay Area.



    Silicon Valley to Turn Into Diamond Valley
    These are real. We think. Maker of synthetic diamonds Element Six will be moving to Silicon Valley.

    If diamonds are, you know, a girl's best friend, you could say Silicon has been an engineer's best friend for a long time.  Can the two co-exist in Silicon Valley?

    Element Six thinks so.

    The synthetic diamond maker, co-owned by diamond maker DeBeers, is opening its first manufacturing facility in the U.S., and it's putting it in Santa Clara.  Synthetic diamonds, smack in the middle of the neighborhood housing the biggest chip and chip manufacturing companies in the world? 

    Why not?  Element Six has a strong relationship with the tech industry.  Manufacturing companies and device makers, for example, use Element Six products for their hardness, lasers, environmentally friendly water treatment systems, among others.  It's led to a worldwide presence, and, according to CEO Cyrus Jilla, "25 percent year over year growth."  Also something we love to see in Silicon Valley.

    You most likely won't see their work on your wrist anytime soon, but you might see it the next time you tour a manufacturing facility.  That, instead of fashion, is more their element.

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