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Death of "Neda" Becomes Symbol of Iran Uprising



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    The death of an Iranian woman known as "Neda" captured on video has become a rallying cry for the uprising in Iran.

    A disturbing video that allegedly captures the death of a young woman shot on the street during a protest has become a rallying cry for the uprising in Iran.

    The graphic footage that has gone viral on the Internet shows the woman known as "Neda" collapsing onto the pavement as her eyes roll back and blood begins to pour out of her mouth and nose while fellow protesters clamor desperately to save her life.

    A gunman who was "hiding on the rooftop of a civilian house aimed straight at her heart," according to a message posted by someone who claimed to have witnessed the gruesome scene. The account has not been independently verified.

    "He had a clear shot at the girl and could not miss her," the witness said. "However, he aimed straight at her heart."

    "I am a doctor so I rushed to try to save her," he said.

    The video was most likely taken by cell phone.

    Little is known about the circumstances surrounding the woman's death and it is still unclear who shot her or what her true identity is. "Neda" is Farsi for "the voice" or "the call," CNN reported.

    The woman's death became a symbol for escalating violence in the region where post-election protests have led to at least 17 confimred deaths. It went viral on the web -- on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

    The government banned international media from the country, which has prompted a surge of activity on social networking sites.

    The video is very graphic .You can view it here.