2 More Popular Bay Area Restaurants Closing

The Hayward Ranch and Palo Alto Cheese House have a combined 130 years in business.

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Is it rising rent? Or a change for the new year?

Whether its too expensive to operate or not enough family interest, the Bay Area is seeing several go-to restaurants closing. On Tuesday, two more popular restaurants with a combined 130 years in business shut their doors for good.

In the East Bay, the Hayward Ranch served up its final meals after 71 years.

"Politically speaking, this was the place where every deal was made in the City of Hayward for a very, very long time," said Mark Salinas, Hayward city councilman.

The Hayward Ranch's owner passed away on Monday and the family is trying to sell the business.

On the Peninsula, Palo Alto's Cheese House is also shutting down.

The shop has been a mainstay for 59 years in the city. The owners released a statement saying that they, too, are leaving the business and looking to sell.

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