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Don't Quit Your Day Job, DVD Kiosk Machine Thing

Netflix plans to ignore growing trend



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    Netflix's does not believe in the long term popularity of DVD kiosk machines.

    Netflix is not sweating yet. In fact, the Los Gatos movie rental empire has a plan to deal with you, pesky little red box.

    Maybe you should be sweating, you annoying little supermarket DVD kiosks, instead of blinking that you rent new release DVDs for just 99 cents.

    Because you know what Netflix is going to do you? That's right. Ignore you.

    You don't even exist to the mighty giant that stole Blockbuster's wallet. In fact, maybe you should try to slap a stamp to yourself and jump in a mail box because Netflix can't be bothered.

    Never mind the fact that Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings said a couple of weeks ago that you are going to "bleed away" its subscribers as you aim to be in "every 7-Eleven, every Starbucks and every airline gate" by 2011.

    According to our friends at CNN, Netflix is searching for a burial plot large enough to fit your plastic frame by focusing on expanding its library of streaming movies and tweeking its online recommendation tools. Can you recommend movies to soccer moms Little Miss Red Box? Netflix thinks not.

    "Netflix continues to focus on our core business, we're absolutely dialed in on that," Steve Swasey, a Netflix spokesman, told CNN.

    Netflix told CNN that it believes DVDs are just a passing phase and this Internets thing is here to stay. So enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, DVD kiosk machine thingy. You can always follow Netflix on Twitter.